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Designed for CSMs

Telescope's powerful combination of
advanced analytics and intuitive UI
helps you save time.

CSMs handle


more accounts

Enable your existing headcount to become smarter & more efficient




Proactively neutralise threats and increase revenue

Integrate with



Improve tracking and visibility by bringing all your data in one place

Go faster than you ever could

Automation at its best

High accuracy health scores

Leverage the power of analytics to compute health scores at a granular level.

Automated QBR decks

Generate ROI-based decks in a few clicks, not days!

Tech-touch automation

Leave your long-tail accounts to us.Nurture them with self-generated report cards that showcases value and drives product adoption.

Why Telescope

Telescope helps you make data-driven decisions
with ease


Execute revenue strategies based on reliable numbers


Align your goals to account-level business outcomes.


A solution tailor-made to your requirements, from startups to enterprises


No more shuttling between browser tabs. View all your data in one place!

From infinite possibilities

All your needs covered at one place

Telescope supports all the apps that a CSM needs. Connect the apps you use today and tomorrow

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